promoting the Technologies of the Cloud

welcome to nimbbel

We are obsessed with the Cloud.

We believe that the Cloud offers businesses and governments across Asia Pacific exciting new ways to transform their organisations, and how they interact with their customers and other stakeholders through the use of Cloud technologies

Asia Pacific is a must be destination for the new Cloud Start Ups. At nimbell we help these new, smart but small companies get early mover advantage by building a brand presence for them in the Region and gaining market awareness and early revenues

For their customers, many of whom are the Small and Medium enterprises that are the power houses of the Region, the challenge is knowing how to navigate through the large numbers of often confusing service models to choose the Cloud solutions that are best fit for them

Exploitation of the Cloud will require new ways of collaboration across the organisation. One of the most effective collaboration tools is videoconferencing - to the boardroom, the desktop and increasingly to mobility devices such as smartphones and tablets. This is a hugely dynamic market with a host of new Cloud-based service providers challenging the established solutions.  We help organisations choose the solution and technoligies that are most appropriate to their business - and budget