promoting the Technologies of the Cloud

Cloud Start-Ups

There are a multitude of new Cloud Start-Ups in the US and Europe who have brilliant ideas and great innovative technology

Asia Pacific will be their engine of growth into the future

We help Cloud Start-Ups achieve early mover advantage by helping them accelerate brand presence in the Region.  Establish offices and facilities.  Open up channel partners.  Achieve early revenue


The Cloud Landscape is changing.  Users are seeking more from their providers and there are a a multitude of new Cloud Service Providers bringing their innovative technology to market every day.

Asia is seeing rapid take up and adoption of Cloud services. 

Asia is also a region of strong economic growth and represents a future market of great potential for the new Cloud Start Ups.  A challenge for the start up is how to bring their new business to stability and success in their home market (often the US or Europe) and yet find sufficient spare intellectual capital and attention to enter the Asian market - or more accurately the many markets that make up the region - and establish their brand. 

nimbbel offers Cloud Start Ups a range of services to allow them to achieve early mover advantage and establish channel partners and early revenue


  • Market representation
  • Channel Partner identification & sign up
  • Product training of channel sales teams
  • Management of Channel sales development



  • Business presence registration
  • Office establishment set up
  • Faclilities negotiation


  • Market sizing and research
  • Proposition launch and PR
  • Recruitment