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Cloud Video

How do organisations get more out of their existing room-based video conferencing equipment, what is the best solution to allow tablet and smartphone users to meet together using video, how do you make all the technologies work together. And how can you afford what you need to do.  We advise organisations on which systems are best for them and how much they should be paying


The traditional heavyweight video conferencing solution providers are coming under threat with the emergence of a new generation of cloud based video conferencing services.  The driver is the increasing demand for video communications via tablets and smartphones - combined with the availability of new enabling technologies, such as WebRTC

And by delivering services from the Cloud, the result for users is considerably more choice, with services delivered at lower cost

However, with this increase in choice, comes the need for clear guidance and advice as to which is the best option for any given business.

For established video conferencing users, the biggest issue will be interoperability - how to make their existing video conferencing units (or endpoints) work with the new services they want to deliver to their end users.

For organisations who have already tried to enable their users tablets and laptops by extending the video capability of their unified communciations platform (eg Lync) is this the best solution from a cost, scalability or performance basis

And for organisations entering the market for the first time, the choices can be confusing, with different propositions difficult to compare on a like for like basis


  • Assesment of business need
  • Matched against service provider offerings
  • "Best fit" recommendation



  • End User Adoption programmes
  • Audit of issues and concerns
  • Recommendations to deliver higher effectiveness and usage


  • Market Watch
  • Register of Service Providers
  • Comparative assesment of services
    • features
    • service portfolio
    • technology compatibility
    • pricing